Tree Removal Plymouth

NJC Tree Services deal with all tree removal in Plymouth and the surrounding areas, from unwanted shrubs or dangerous fallen trees. We are fully licensed and insured to wield all the heavy-duty equipment needed to remove unwanted trees from your garden and grounds. Right down to the roots!

Our emergency response service can quickly dispose of storm or flood-damaged trees. Hence, we often work alongside local authorities to remove fallen or obstructive trees that pose a risk to public safety. Moreover, we do this with environmental care and consideration, always disposing of trees resourcefully and removing debris. Contact us today for a free quotation on tree removal services.

Dangerous and Fallen Tree Removal

If you have discovered a dangerous or fallen tree in Plymouth, Plympton, Tavistock, or anywhere in the vicinity, then give us a call. If the tree is on your private land then we offer highly competitive rates. This saves you phoning around and allows you to act quickly.

Meanwhile, if the tree is on public ground, the landowner is unknown or the tree presents an immediate danger, then don’t wait. You should contact the local authorities to report the hazard as soon as possible.

Please contact us on 01752343605 or 079671 105269 to report dangerous trees as a matter of urgency.

Professional Tree Surgeons

Our team of professional tree surgeons are highly experienced, qualified and licensed. Tree felling is dangerous. As such we will never recommend that inexperienced or untrained individuals attempt to fell a tree themselves. We equip ourselves with all the appropriate PPE, and once protected, will cut down the tree in safe sections, using felling cuts to direct the fall. After completion, we will dismantle the tree and remove it from your property or grounds for a safe, clean and efficient service.

Felling and Removal for Large Trees

Removal of very large trees is definitely a specialist operation. Fortunately for you, NJC Tree Services specialise in just that, with over 25 years of experience. The process we follow involves careful analysis of the space we are working in. This ensures that falling trees don’t cause any damage to neighbouring structures, other plants or people. Moreover, we are fully trained, with all the equipment needed to work at height, allowing us to safely fell even the largest trees quickly and carefully. So, contact us today for a free quotation on tree removal in and around Plymouth.

Tree Root and Stump Removal

In addition to our other tree felling and maintenance services, we can also remove unwanted stumps and roots using manual techniques. Initially, we will assess the roots to be sure that removal will not compromise nearby structures. If needed, we can leave tree roots intact, but inactive, to preserve stability while preventing regrowth. Finally, we will chop up and remove the stumps and roots, leaving you with a pristine garden and much more space to work with.

Contact NJC Tree Services for Tree Removal

To arrange tree removal in Plymouth, Plymstock, Plympton, Tavistock, Kingsbridge and all surrounding locations contact NJC Tree Services today. Our free quotations are sure to be competitive and we will operate at a time to suit you for maximum convenience.