Tree Pruning Plymouth

For crown reduction and tree pruning in Plymouth contact us today. NJC Tree Services care about trees. Even our felling and removal services are carried out with the utmost environmental consideration. Therefore, you can rely on us to provide diligent pruning and maintenance for your trees. This will encourage healthy growth, maximise flowering and prevent the spread of horticultural diseases. Moreover, effective crown reduction and branch thinning will allow more light into your garden for both you and your other plants to benefit from. Contact us today for a free quotation or to arrange a visit.

Regular Tree Pruning for Healthy Trees

Regular pruning maintains the health and vitality of your trees. We will remove dead, damaged or diseased branches which will encourage new growth. Moreover, it will help prevent the spread of disease between plants and can control or eradicate pest infestations too. Get in touch to schedule regular pruning for a healthy happy garden.

Advantages of Pruning and Crown Reduction

There are many advantages to reducing the crown of your trees and maintaining regular pruning. These include:

  • Healthier plants free of disease and pests
  • Increased flower and fruit production
  • Better light flow for ground-level planting
  • Preventing damage to nearby buildings
  • Keeping trees and hedges manageable
  • Corrective pruning, improving plant shape
  • Aesthetically pleasing grounds and gardens

Tree Preservation Orders

We can care for trees that have a tree preservation order (TPO) in place. Additionally, we can also assist you in applying for a TPO if you have a tree that you want to protect from future removal. When trees are protected by a TPO it is an offence to even trim them back without consent. We can seek the appropriate permissions to carry out professional care and maintenance on protected trees, to save you from running into trouble. The penalty for damaging a tree with a TPO can be as high as £20,000, so avoid expensive mistakes by contacting the experts at NJC Tree Services for advice and guidance.

Get in Touch for Professional Tree Pruning

NJC Tree Services are the professionals in tree pruning across Plymouth and the surrounding areas. Our business has been providing exceptional care for trees across Devon since 1993. In this time, we have fine-tuned our skills to ensure we bring you efficient, affordable and environmentally considerate services every time. Contact us for a free quotation today.