Tree Planting Plymouth

We can carry out tree planting in Plymouth and the surrounding areas, including Plymstock, Tavistock, Ivybridge and Kingsbridge. Our planting services include every aspect, from the initial soil prep right through to pruning and waste removal. We can also offer professional advice on choosing the most appropriate trees and shrubs for various environments. Moreover, our experienced team can complete major planting schemes for private landowners and local authorities too. So, whether you have a single tree of great significance or a large selection of plants to contend with, get in touch.

Contact NJC Tree services today on 01752 343605 for all tree planting enquiries.

How to Plant Trees

There is a number of steps to follow for tree planting. Obviously, these steps will vary based on the species you choose. However, the most basic actions for general tree planting are:

  1. Digging a hole approximately three times wider than the pot containing your tree
  2. Before planting, soak the earth covered roots thoroughly in water and also loosen the packed soil
  3. Place the plant in the ground. The point where the roots join the tree base should sit at the surface
  4. Refill the hole with soil and firm it down, removing air pockets
  5. Finally, add mulch leaving an area free around the stem, and water your tree

Large trees may require further reinforcements to ensure stability. Protection from livestock and the public is another consideration. Will you need to prevent your trees from being eaten or vandalised for example? These finer details will be specific to your situation, such as the available space and the number of plants you have. However, no matter the circumstances, NJC Tree Services can remove the hard graft and take care of all your tree planting for you. Call today to discuss your project and get a free quotation on our services.

Transforming Gardens and Grounds

Tree planting can transform your outdoor spaces. We can source and plant a wide variety of trees, from popular native species through to exotics and ornamentals. Our team of experienced tree surgeons and horticulturalists can offer sound advice on the best trees to suit your space. This advice is tailored to your needs, such as knowing which species may restrict light, encroach on buildings or require high maintenance.

Planting Trees and Upkeep Services

Ultimately, our goal is to create you your dream garden, while ensuring you can manage and maintain it with minimal effort. However, we won’t get in the way of your big ambitions. We are more than equipped to handle large planting projects with ease. So, if you would like help with ongoing care you can always enlist our tree pruning and maintenance services, for regular upkeep at highly affordable prices.

Contact NJC Tree Services

To schedule your tree planting in Plymouth, and surrounding areas, including Tavistock, Ivybridge and Plympton, give us a call. We are ready to help and can also offer quality advice to ensure you get the absolute best from your plants. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quotation on tree planting.