Logs for Sale Plymouth

If you are looking for logs for sale in Plymouth then contact NJC Tree Services. We can offer a regular and reliable supply of seasoned or green hardwood logs to keep your fires roaring. Additionally, we also supply wood chipping, ideal for both surfacing and composting as well as providing a viable fuel source. All of this, with free local delivery!

Contact us today on 01752 343605 or 07971 105269 to arrange log delivery.

The Logs We Supply

All our logs and chippings are available in loads of 1, 2, 3 and 4 cubic metres. We deliver these direct to your door and offer FREE delivery within Plymouth and the immediate surrounding areas. The products we supply are:

  • Seasoned Hardwood Logs
  • Green Hardwood Logs
  • Wood chippings
  • Softwood Logs and Mulch*

*Contact us for availability

Seasoned Logs for Sale

Seasoned logs have been dried out in order to reduce the moisture content so that they are ready to burn. Seasoned logs do cost a little more than green logs, however, they are ready to use immediately, making them a convenient choice for those with limited space for self-seasoning. If you are sourcing logs for the winter, then do consider that seasoned logs will be in high demand at this time. Therefore, if you do have the capacity to season logs yourself then we recommend choosing green logs. Get in touch with the team to schedule your delivery slot for seasoned hardwood logs.

Green Logs for Sale

Green logs are those that are freshly or recently cut. They will require seasoning before they will be suitable for burning. This can be done by storing in a dry environment, with good sun exposure and airflow, until the moisture content is 20% or less. Investing in a moisture meter will allow you to more effectively season your own wood. 

There are a number of clear advantages to purchasing green logs. For example, you can stock up well in advance of demand increases during colder periods, so you don’t run short. Furthermore, there is a notable financial saving as green logs are comparatively cheaper too. Call us today to arrange a green hardwood log delivery.

Wood Chippings

Wood chippings are highly versatile and can be used for a range of applications such as composting into nutritious mulch for gardening. Plus, they can provide attractive ground-covering solutions for flowerbeds or garden paths too. Our wood chips are competitively priced and will be delivered free of charge to those within Plymouth and the immediate vicinity. Contact us today to order wood chippings, delivered straight to your door.

Contact NJC Tree Services to Order Logs

For access to plenty of logs for sale in Plymouth contact NJC Tree Services. Our friendly team can deliver throughout Plymouth free of charge. So, to schedule your competitively priced, hassle-free log delivery, just give us a call.