Hedge Trimming Plymouth

Contact NJC Tree Services for hedge trimming in Plymouth. Our experienced team are capable of restoring order to your hedgerows as well as offering professional support and advice on planting and soil preparation. We can tame the most overgrown and unsightly of hedges. Furthermore, we are fully insured and trained to work at heights so can tackle even 20-foot hedges with ease. NJC Tree Services offer professional and efficient hedge maintenance that will bring the light back into your home or garden. Contact us today for a free quotation on hedge care.

The Benefits of Hedge Maintenance

An unruly hedgerow can look untidy. Moreover, poorly maintained hedges also encroach on your garden, obstruct light, block garden gateways and paths or even overhang onto public accessways. There are many advantages to good hedge maintenance, including:

  • Encourages fuller growth and increased flowering
  • Removes dead or diseased areas for better plant health
  • Cleaner, tidier garden and bordering for aesthetic appeal
  • Keeps paths and access ways clear, as well as public areas
  • Can increase light into homes and gardens and improve views
  • Prevents the spread of pests and diseases, keeping hedges healthy

Can I Trim My Own Hedges?

The simple answer is yes. However, there are many important factors to consider to avoid causing irreparable harm to your hedges. Cutting away too much foliage can result in damage, as can the use of blunt equipment, causing tearing. Additionally, failure to remove the cuttings can lead to disease and insect infestations as they decompose. Finally, cutting your hedge at the wrong angle can deprive lower limbs and ground-level plants of adequate sunlight. This is why NJC Tree Services recommend calling in the professionals to undertake hedge maintenance to ensure you have healthy plants that thrive.

Hedge Planting and Replacement

Not only can we care for existing hedges, but we can replace them, or even plant fresh ones too! If you are looking to create hedgerows for your garden or outdoor spaces then enlist our help for exceptional horticultural services. We will offer expert advice and treatment for soil optimisation and prep the area to encourage healthy growth. Then plant your hedgerows and prune accordingly leaving you with immaculate hedges that will continue to flourish year on year.

Hedge Removal

If your hedge has become a burden, or you are looking for a lower maintenance solution for garden boundaries, then no problem! NJC Tree Services can remove unwanted hedges, right down to the roots to avoid regrowth. We always tidy up after ourselves and will take away all green waste upon completion, leaving your garden mess-free and ready to enjoy. Contact us today for professional, fuss-free hedge removal.

Contact NJC Tree Services for Hedge Care

For planting, replacement and hedge trimming in Plymouth contact us today. Our experienced and qualified team of tree surgeons deal with all hedge care and offer regular maintenance services at competitive prices. Call us today for a free quotation.